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These Greek motor yachts are among the very best Greece has to offer. in addition to Dodecane, Ioanian and Agean seas of Greece, They can cruise in Turkey, Italy including Sicily, and around Eastern Mediterranean provided their schedule permits and any applicable reposiioning fees are paid.

Each motor boat has its own reservation and pricing policy. In some yachts full board is included inthe rates for some others it is not. Repositioning fees may be minimal depending on the location of the yacht at the starting date of your charter. Also many yachts offer great discounts for certain legs of charter or dates depending on availabilities. Please use our search above for latest information.

You can find items included in the charter fees and reservation policies in individual boat pages. Other yachts can be seen in luxury yachts and motor sailers and crewed catamarans sections. For large groups requiring big yachts see mega yachts. Below you will also see some small motor yachts which can be rented with a skipper (captain) or as bareboat.

Motor Yachts

Alpha XII

Aegean Princess



Ouzo Palace

Catherine I


Falcon 100ft A.K.

Monte Carlo



Never Say Never

Lady K.K.

Endless Summer






Trinity II


White Knight

Catherine S

Smaller motor yachts

Dominator 64

Sealine F37

Azimut 46

Aicon 64 Fly